At Akumakon 2017 we had the chance to talk with Japanese singer Aya Ikeda, famous for singing some anime songs. Here’s what we talked about together.

  • Hello and thank you for granting us this interview, could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi, i’m Aya Ikeda from Japan, i’m a singer. I sing anime songs like Heartcatch Pretty Cure.

  • How would you describe your music to people who doesn’t know it yet ?

My songs are mostly positive and up-beat. When singing live they tend to create a very lively atmoshpere so that people who are attending can really enjoy the show.

  • You did a few songs for Anime, what can you tell us about this experience ?

I sang three anime song, the first one being Heartcatch Pretty Cure. It focuses on very young child, 3-4 years old, so it’s really fun singing those especially to a live audience. Lots of children come and they wear costumes, it’s beautiful. Also, being an anime singer i was able to go to many international places and so it’s been a very big experience.

  • How do you feel about being invited to a convention in Ireland and how did you prepare for the performance ?

This is my first time in Ireland and before it, i’d never thought about it so i’m a little nervous about how the convention and people might be like. But so far Ireland has been beautiful, the views and the building are really nice. Irish people are being really lovely so that kind of nervousness was gone pretty quickly. For the preparation, i thought about making a set-list people would enjoy. The performance was really nice and people enjoyed it so i’d like to come to Ireland once again.

  • Your most famous theme is “”Heartcatch Precure!””. Could you please tell us how it came to be?

I got to be the singer of « Heartcatch Pretty Cure » song through an audition. I was a member of a dance-vocal group and for the song they were looking for someone who could do both. Before the audition I had to send a demo tape, after passing this first round of audition I had to record a song for the second round. I was very nervous waiting to know if I passed but luckily I did.

  • Since 2017 has just begun, what are your purposes for this new year?

I’m really glad that I was able to come to Ireland even though 2017 has just started. I want to use this as a chance to sing in front of a lot of audiences not only in Japan but also in many international places. I want to meet as many people as possible in 2017.

  • If you could be an anime character which would be and why ?

I’d like to be one of the character from « Heartcatch Pretty Cure » because in the real world you can’t do magic but in the anime you do and that would be pretty amazing.

  • Yesterday you performed at the convention. What do you think of the Irish public ?

Before the live performance I had a Q&A session. Some of the audience members were a little bit quiet and shy and they didn’t answer or ask some questions so I thought i had to try harder to liven up the crowd. In the end everybody was really lively. They really enjoyed the performance and got up to dance and sing. I really want to do it again soo in Ireland. I can’t speak English that much so this can be a little bit difficult and the songs are in Japanese but everybody really enjoyed it and this was really really fantastic.

  • What do you think of the popularity of Japanese pop culture in Europe actually ?

Seeing how popular Japanese pop culture is in Europe, it makes me really proud. Also, I think it’s important that it’s not only famous in Japan but also in other countries. In Japan, Japanese people who don’t often visit foreign countries may not know this and so because of it I want to tell them how much popular Japanese culture is.

  • Did you have time to visit Galways and taste some Irish specialties ?

I went to the market and got some cheese. I’ve been eating lovely Irish food every day : bread, butter, cheese, Irish stake, oysters. I might try all of the good food. Even though my stay in Ireland is short i feel like i’ve enjoyed not only the performance but also being here. I’m really satisfied with the visit.


Interview by Vivi.C