1. Please tell us about your latest release.

B.I.G’s 4th single album includes the intro song, “BIG TRANSFORMER” and the title song, “TAOLA.” “BIG TRANSFORMER” sheds the image that we’ve had thus far and holds the ambitious meaning that B.I.G has arrived with a new image. “TAOLA” is a song in the reverse beat and hip-hop crossover genre, and it has a completely different image, a magnified manly image. Thus, the stage outfits and performance are intense.

2. How would you describe your music for someone who didn’t listen to it yet?

B.I.G. is a group that wants to show the public a variety of musical genres and not be limited to just one type of music. Thus, because we are not limited to a particular concept or genre and are able to show a different image each time, B.I.G. plan to show the public our own unique image. We are a chameleon-like group.

3. As a rookie group, how did you feel about debuting? And what is your biggest achievement?

Benji: We entered with the determination to show our own unique color in the competitive idol group world. In terms of an achievement, I played the violin for a long time, so being able to perform on variety shows and through other medias was nice.

Heedo: I really liked to rap since I was little, and I grew my dreams by watching music shows, but once I debuted, I was filled with butterflies, and I worked hard to show a good image to the members and the public. I actually feel like I’m working harder now than when I was a trainee (laughs)

Gunmin: I’m in charge of the choreography, right? In the beginning, Heedo didn’t know how to dance at all, but because he practiced every single day without fail, he improved a lot. Minpyo improved a lot, too. However, he’s still slower than Heedo (laughs)

4. Choose a member and describe him in a few words…

J-Hoon: Rubber duck. He looks like a duck. His lips are thick and stick out, so it’s cute.
Benji: Crazy Boy. He is a free spirit that’s never contained, and he experiments a lot.
Gunmin: Dragon. There’s a photo when we first debuted where he looks like a dragon. Because it was so intense, that photo was unforgettable.
Minpyo: My Way. He’s the type that doesn’t get shaken up by the things around him. His outlook on the world is very clear and isn’t bent easily.
Heedo: Tteokbokki. Heedo’s favorite food is tteokbokki, so he always recommends tteokbokki at mealtimes. Thus, to us, Heedo now appears to be tteokbokki.

5. What are your plans for the future?

We are currently working hard to promote our 4th single album, and after successfully wrapping up the activities, we are planning on coming back early next year with a mini album. Because time is tight, we plan on quickly preparing to show a good image. After our mini album activities, we are planning on overseas activities. We’re thinking the first promotions will be in Japan.

6. What would be your dream destination for holidays?

J-Hoon: I want to go to South Jeolla Province where I grew up. I have a lot of memories there, but I haven’t been able to visit because I haven’t had the time.
Benji: I want to visit Germany. I majored in Classical Music, and Germany is a country that really distinguishes itself in this area. Also, German beer is also very good (laughs)
Gunmin: I always say this, but I want to visit the United States, where Benji used to live. Seattle is nice, and so is New York.
Minpyo: I want to go to the hot springs in the mountains. Being in nature and being greeted by the snow while enjoying the hot spring would be thumbs up.
Heedo: We went to Jeju Island to perform once, and it was really nice. It really isn’t called the tourism hotspot of South Korea for nothing. In the future, I want to go as a tourist, eat the famous foods, and see the scenery.

7. What is the story behind B.I.G? How did you become trainees? And how have you been recruited to become a member of B.I.G?

Benji became a trainee first, followed by Gunmin and J-Hoon. These three trained for about a year before Heedo and Minpyo joined. At first, because each of us had our own unique areas that we were good at, when we practiced altogether, our harmony wasn’t that great, but as we practiced for our monthly examinations, we began to improve. We can’t bear to watch our old practice videos. It’s too embarrassing…

8. Lastly, could you leave a message for your European fans?

We’re nearing our 2nd anniversary since debut, and since then, we’ve shown various images. In the future, we’re planning on showing an image that can’t even be compared to the ones before, so please always anticipate us and show us your interest. If we’re ever given the chance, we really want to perform in front of our European fans and communicate with them. We love you! We love Europe!!