1) Could you introduce yourselves ?

We composed, wrote, transcripted, produced and also created the choreography of our songs ourselves, which create the typical color of BigFlo.

2) Could you introduce your new Mini album „Incant“?

Our title track “”Oblivate””, which is an “”incantation of magic to erase the memory””, is a song who talks about erasing bad memories and change it into good ones, which is the message we want to deliver. This mini album containt a song that Z-Uk wrote and composed by himself called “”When I Was Young”” and also the solo song of Yu Seong called “”듣기싫어””, ——- ??? ——-

3) Choose a member and describe him in a few words…

Ki Chun:
To HighTop : Naughty boy.
Z-Uk : scary.
Yu Seong : Cute.
Ron : smooth.
Jung Kyun : honesty
Yu Seong:
To HighTop : Beagle.
Z-Uk : Big Bang.
Jung Kyun : TVXQ.
Ki Chun : San E.
Ron : Sleeper
Ron :
To Jung Kyun : Straight man.
Yu Seong : Cute.
Z-Uk : scary.
Ki Chun : delightful
HighTop : bomb
HighTop :
To Ron : Slow
Jung Kyun : Straight
Z-Uk : Timid
Yu Seong : Shy
Ki Chun : “”newness””
Z-Uk :
To HighTop : A lot of talent
Ki Chun : Trot
Jung Kyun : Jung Leader
Ron : Nice but slighty silly
Yu Seong : A very colorful friend
Jung Kyun:
To Ron : Model
Yu Seong : Tinkerbell
Z-Uk : Gangster
Ki Chun : Trot singer
HighTop : Gangster young brother

4) Some of you have specific Stage name, Ron, Z-UK and Hightop, how did you come up with those names and what is the meaning?

Z-Uk : My real name is, obviously, JaeUk but since childhood my friends used to call me Ji Uk (Z Uk)
HighTop : I use the initial of the name my father gave me HyeongTae, HT, to create my name into HighTop, which means “”going to the top””
Ron : I choose a name which sounds simple but luxury, in our company.

5) What is the story behind BIGFLO? How did you become trainees? And how have you been recruited to become a member of BIGFLO?

Ron was a rookie in another company but he was scouted by the CEO and Jungkyu for Bigflo.
In June 2015, Ki Chun was added as a new member! Ki Chun was friend with Yu Seong back then so Yu Seong present him for an audition for BigFlo then it’s this way he was added to the group.

6) Lastly, could you leave a message for your European fans?

Ki Chun: In the futur we will work harder and harder so it would be great if people in Europe keep on cheering us! We will work hard and do our best if we get the possibility to meet and perform to our europeen fans

Yu Seong: I want for sure to perform in Europe, it would be great if a productor could call us to give us the opportunity to perform there.

Ron: I once went to Europe when I was young. I really want to perform in Europe!!! Be sure to call us, thank you !!!

HighTop: Please love a lot BigFlo and next time we will me in Europe for sure ~

Z-Uk: We still lack a lot but in the future we will work for our fans so that they are able to be proud of BigFlo.
Jung Kyun:  We still haven’t a single chance to go in Europe but I’ve heard we have a lot of fans there. I promess to repay for those who support us.”