Could you describe your musical style?

lil E (Lee Yunjoung): We make electronic music, but someday we may decide to make classical music or something else.  To us, genres aren’t important. What’s more important is the total presentation – the way that the sounds, art, fashion, videos, etc. all fit together. Because of all the elements we mix together with EE, I think we’re more like artists than musicians, which is why we call ourselves a “total art performance group.” 

What is your source of inspiration to write your songs?

lil E: We’re a married couple so we spend a lot of time together every day. We often talk about our daily lives and contemporary issues. These conversations are where we draw our inspiration from. We use the thoughts and ideas we get from our daily conversations and make them into sounds, lyrics, costumes, performance concepts, and videos.

What is your best memory as EE?

lil E: I loved performing at Coachella in California and at the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul too. Those were definitely two of my favorite performances we’ve done.

Is there a more mainstream artist you would like to collaborate with?

lil E: There are lots of them!  In fact, there are too many too list. But our spirit and mindset are very strong. So we think for us to do a good collaboration, we need to find an artist who has a similar spirit and mindset as us.

What do you think makes you more unique than other indie artists?

lil E: We’ve never thought about that before. I don’t think it’s a matter of being more unique or less unique than other indie artists as we’re not trying to compete with anyone else. As I said before, we think of ourselves as being more like artists than musicians because sound is just one element of what we’re trying to do as EE.

If you could be an anime character which one would you be and why?

lil E: Big E said I look like Frieza from Dragon Ball Z. I got mad at him for that!  Sometimes Big E talks like Beavis and Butt-head.

If you could have the chance to have one wish granted, what would you wish for?

lil E: Now is good for us. We do what we want and hope to continue to have that freedom. That’s my wish. And at the same time, I’d ask for my family and happiness to continue to be protected too. 

Could you leave a message for your fans?

lil E: There is a door in your life that you haven’t discovered yet. Once you open that door there are amazing things to see and happiness to be found. Open that door and find EE!