1. Hello, can you introduce yourself to the readers of JAPAKO Music?

Hello! So nice to have a magazine about Japanese music in Europe! I am ERIKO, I was born and raised in Nagasaki, Japan, where I studied piano and singing. Later I continued with music (piano and singing) in Fukuoka. After I got my music degree in Japan, I moved to Italy to study opera singing.

2. Can you explain the project “The K-ble Jungle”?

It’s a melting pot, not only culturally but also musically. The roots are in Japan, as many of the songs are pure 100% J-Pop songs, composed by my sister and I. DJ Shiru writes more dark and electronic music, sometimes it seems perfect for a horror anime! There are some other songwriters working with us, and all of them have different styles and of course we also play some cover songs, mainly anisongs.

3. When did you meet DJ Shiru and why have you decided to collaborate with him?

I went to a party organized by the agency Ochacaffè, where Shiru was the DJ. The party was fun and from that moment I decided to help the agency / association, in their cultural activities. Because I have always been involved in music, and the same is for DJ Shiru, it seemed almost natural that we would end up doing something together.

4. How do you feel about your new European festivals/conventions Tour?

Excited! We have already played in Portugal, Italy, France, Switzerland, of course Japan, and we want to go to new countries every year.

5. Do you plan to release an album in Europe or in Japan?

There are plans for a single CD to be released in 2014, containing maybe three or four songs.

6. From your point of view, what have opera and pop music in common?

They don’t have much in common, and it’s actually amazing that they blend so well and that not many people have tried to combine the two before. To be honest, as I come from a classical music background, singing pop tunes is not so easy for me.

7. What inspires you the most as a singer?

There are two main sources of inspiration: the audience, who want happy and danceable songs, and what I feel inside, which is a message of “do your best and you’ll get the results! Blood, sweat and tears!”. This is what I am doing, and I want people to know that without sacrifice it’s hard to get results.

8. Is there an artist you particularly like and you would like to collaborate with?

A lot! I really like Aya Matsura, some idol groups as AKB48, and I’ve recently rediscovered Namuro Amie. It would be nice to have a concert with them. In the past I shared the stage with other artists, such as Keisho Ohno, or Za Gonibayashi, and it was rewarding.

9. If you were stuck in a movie or an anime what would you like to be and why?

Ah ah nice questions, they usually ask me what my favourite anime is, not which one I would be a character of. I’d like to be a villain, not a good character, for example Natsuki in the drama Buzzer beat. Villains are so much more fascinating!

10. To say goodbye, do you have message for your European fans?

Please come to our shows and support us, we need your energy!


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