01. Please, introduce yourself to the JAPAKO Music Readers.
All : We are GANGLION!
Oni : I’m the guitarist and the lead vocal, Oni.
Sagara : I’m the guitarist, Sagara.
Vivi : I’m the drummer Vivi.
Ebi : I’m the Bassist Ebi.

02. How did you come together to form the group?
Oni : At the beginning, Sagara, Vivi and I liked several J-Rock groups with a hard rock style. And honestly, we copied them a lot, but progressively we wanted to make our own music. This is the reason why we formed the band, with the big help of Vivi.

03. How did you come up with the name Ganglion and what does it mean?
Oni : At first, we couldn’t find a name for the band. When Vivi told us “”GANGLION”” randomly, we thought this word sound really stylish. Then we found the meaning and were touched by the depth of its meaning, so we decided to keep the name.

04. Is this your first time in Paris? How do you feel about it?
Together : Yes, it’s the first time. It’s so cool!
Oni : But, it will be great to be able to do more tours in the future. There are monuments that we would like to see, go shopping etc. Also, in Paris, there is a hair treatment which is great. In fact, when I was a model, the hairdresser who took care of me gave it to me. I really liked, so I would really like to buy it again.

05. If you were a season, which one will it be and why?
Ebi : I love autumn because there is plenty of food.
Vivi : I like spring, because it is soft.
Sagara : I like the summer heat, the activities etc. I really love that.
Oni : I like the fall. I was also born in autumn.

06. If you had the possibility to live another Era (past or future), which one will it be and why?
Sagara : There is a period in Japan called “”BAKUMATSU”” (last day of the Tokugawa shogunate). From Edo to the Meiji era, this period was really important. At that time, Japan changed a lot, new things were imported from the West, like clothes. Many things evolved very quickly, in a very short time during this period, which is why I would like to go back to it.

07. What was your first impression of the other members when you first met?
Ebi : When I saw Vivi for the first time, she was a very happy and kind person. Lately, I thought she looked like a hamster! She is very calm and silent even when she eats. I thought it was someone who does not talk much and I thought: “”Ha, she’s cute!””.
Vivi : Sagara is very active, and speaks to everyone, even now, it gives me energy. She has a great influence.
Sagara : The first time Oni came to the studio, she was wearing a black hat and black clothes… and she was late! Carrying her instrument she came into the room saying “”Sorry for the delay!””. I asked myself what kind of person she was! And, at first sight, she looks like a boy, even now. So, I was wondering what kind of person she was.
Oni : I thought Ebi was a very serious person. Of course, she is serious but when she made her debut in the group, I asked her, ”Apart from the group and music, can you speak with confidence? What are the things you know?”” She said she was not interested. I thought this was an ungrateful attitude. She also likes to stay at least 30 minutes in the bath … I thought she was a very strange person, I found her cute and fun.

08. You are stuck in a movie or an anime, which one is it and why?
Ebi : I would like to be part of the anime Natsume Yuujinchou. This universe is very quiet, it is a story about Yokai (Japanese monster). I would like to be part of it and become the wife of the main character.
Vivi : I love Shingeki no Kyojin. I would like to be part of this story, meet such characters and kiss him!

09. Is there any artist you admire?
Ebi : Yoko Kanno
Vivi : ONE OK ROCK, The GazettE… I love J-Rock.
Sagara : LUNA SEA, Yemon (The Yellow Monkey). There are many bands and I listen to a lot of them… and Arashi too.
Oni : Ayumi Hamasaki, I like many of them.

10. What inspires you to write and compose music?
Oni : According to the songs, it’s a combination of many situations. In my case… the melody comes to mind and I am inspired by other singers… it depends on the song.
Sagara : From what we make our songs?
Me : For example, when you hear something or see something… or see someone.
Sagara : When we see something, if something happens, the feeling of the day… that’s mainly where the songs are born. What we think about in this moment. For example, like poems, there is a feeling of peace that emanates.

Thank you!