Could you present yourself for our readers? 

Nii: I am Nii the guitarist

Ryo: I am Ryo the drummer

Shuu: I am Shuu the bassist

How does if feel to finally perform for your European fans again? 

We are purely happy to be back again after 3 years and we are amazed to see that our fans have waited for us. It makes us very happy.

What are your plans after this European tour? 

Of course we will go back to Japan and we will start recording a new album. We don’t have any holiday (laughing)

What do you think makes the difference between japan fans and Europe fans? 

The big difference is during ballad song, Japanese fans stay calm and just stare at stage, when here in Europe, the fans keep screaming and being crazy.

Ryo: Personally, I prefer to see people free, who are enjoying the show to the fullest,

What is your favorite European dish ? 

Ryo: Curry Wurst

Nii: Me too

Shuu: We all love Curry Wurst.

JAPAKO: Welcome to Germany then!

Ryo: I wonder if I can eat that tonight

What could you tell us about the person sitting next to you ?

Nii: Ryo is a guy when he has his mind set on something then he is 100% focused on it. He goes always deeper in what he wants to learn about.

Ryo: Shuu is our Daddy (laughing), he is our leader!

Shuu: Nii is someone I respect and admire because he is the MUSICIAN, like the stereotype musician, he loves music, he loves to drink. But he doesn’t smoke!

Which one of your song represents you the most as a band ? 

Ryo: Breakdown and evolution, it has a lot of emotions from when we were performing those songs. And it’s also at a time where a lot happened to the band.

If you would be stuck in a movie or an anime, which one would it be and why?

Ryo: Naruto and I would be Naruto.

Nii: I would be OROCHIMARU

Ryo: And Shuu would be JIRAI

Is there a Japanese Idiom that you like particularly? If yes, which one and what does it mean to you? 

Ryo: „Practice makes perfect“, DORYOKU  which means Hard work!

Nii: NONBEE  which means drink hard!

Shuu: Time is Money. I often made someone wait because I was late. So I felt like I took time from someone’s limited time in Life.  So time is precious, I want to avoid that. That’s why I like the proverb Time is Money.

Can you give a message to your european fans? 

Shuu: We will be going in Japan to record a new album and then we will be touring in Japan. Of course, we are looking forward to come back here in Europe. We hope everybody will keep supporting us. And we look forward to the next we will meet our fans again.