01. Hello and thanks for your time, can you introduce yourself to the Japako’s readers?

Yoshikiho : I’m heidi.’s vocalist Yoshikiho. Nice to meet you.
Nao : I’m guitarist Nao.
Kohsuke : Hallo, nice to meet you. I’m heidi.’s basist Kohsuke.
Kiri : Hi everyone, I’m heidi.’s drummer, my name is Kiri.

02. How do you feel about your new European Tour?

Yoshikiho : I’m so looking forward to it! I will crush the language barrier by all means!
Nao : I love Europe. I’m happy that we go there.
Kohsuke : We go to those places for the first time so I try to imagine the reaction of each country’s audience. I am excited, but there is also a little anxiety. (laugh)
Kiri : I’m looking forwards to communicate with everyone through music, so the different language won’t be a problem.

03. How did you come up with the band’s name heidi.?

Yoshikiho : We were joking around in a bar… (laugh)
Nao : While laughing and hearing the echo of the sound, and it should be easy to recognize for Japan… so we came up with that name.
Kohsuke : It was a catchy sound and it was easy to remember…
Kiri : Our bandleader Nao decided on it.

04. Which one of your songs represent you the most as a band?

Yoshikiho : Gekkou Showtime
Nao : Glide
Kohsuke : Twilight Town
Kiri : There are many songs that show heidi.’s personality so it’s hard to choose only one.

05. Is there a new European dish you would like to taste this time?

Yoshikiho : My beloved Pizza, and the Russian Piroshki.
Nao : Sausages.
Kohsuke : German Sausages.
Kiri : Beer! I believe there are many brands of beer that are not sold in Japan, so I’d like to try plenty of them.

06. When you create a song, what does come first? Melody or lyrics?

Nao : Well, it’s a case-by-case thing but most of the time we start composing with the melody.

07. Is there any European Rock band that influences you? Is there any European Rock band that you like and would like to collaborate with?

Yoshikiho : I will study on them.
Nao : MUSE.
Kohsuke : MUSE are simply the best.
Kiri : I love MUSE.

08. If you would be stuck in a movie or an anime what would you like to be and why?

Yoshikiho : I’d love to be a zombie. Just to try it out once…
Nao : Any character that is dark or gloomy, because I don’t feel like I’m colorful at all.
Kohsuke : I’d like to be part of “Alice in Wonderland”… because I really like it.
Kiri : In the anime “Sword Art Online” there’s a virtual reality, and it would be really interesting to be taped up in a game world. It’s fun to imagine that.

09. Do you already know what you will do after the tour? Any future plan?

Yoshikiho : I want to perform many many concerts!
Nao : I don’t think there will be much in the near future because we are really busy right now with the album and the tour preparations but we will keep on doing interesting things.
Kohsuke : I want to continue doing more things that we have not yet done before.
Kiri : We will do some concerts when we will be back to Japan and of course we hope that the tour will be good so we can go abroad later again.

10. To say goodbye, do you have message for your European fans ?

Yoshikiho : I’m waiting for you to enjoy some super hot and wild concerts where we can crush the language barrier by all means!
Nao : I’m really looking forward to our first EU tour. I wish we can enjoy the concerts from the very beginning till the end with all our might!
Kohsuke : Let’s make this tour a great memory for everyone.
Kiri : This EU tour makes me a little bit nervous but I’m super excited about it too. I’m looking forward to finally being able to meet all of you in next month.

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