1. How would you describe your music to someone who has not heard of you?

Iruma: We call ourselves a dark fairy-tale band. With many minor chords, our music features a melody that suggests a fantasy world and emotional chord progression. We wear costumes that go well with our music atmosphere, and invite all of you to our world.

2. Since it is spring, the time of new beginnings, what is something you hope to accomplish by the end of this year?

Iruma: This year’s objective is to become famous in America. We want to go to many cities and perform. And then, we want to be featured in a Japanese anime theme song!

3. Is there anything in the works that you can tell us about?

Iruma: Actually, we are currently producing a new album.
We are recording unreleased songs that have not yet been performed live, so please look forward to them!

4. Do you have hobbies outside of music?

Iruma: I like film editing. Everything that is public on our YouTube channel were made by me. I wanted to make the music video for “Romantique” myself, so I wrote a storyboard and I edited it with Nemu. Other than that I like golfing. I want to go golfing in Lolita fashion.

5. What is your favorite song that you guys have released so far?

Iruma: The closing song on “Reincarnation,” “The Little Match Girl!”
It is often said that being envious of another person is not good, but I wanted to take it upon myself to express that kind of inferiority complex. “If I had been born into a rich home, then I would have had a different life…” was what the young girl thought, and in turn, embraces a yearning like love towards a certain rich young lady. “Reincarnation” was made with that type of theme of the darkness of human hearts. The lyrics are in Japanese, but if I have the opportunity I’d like to make liner notes intended for foreigners.

6. How do you feel about the upcoming US debut at “”Tokyo in Tulsa””?

Iruma: We’ve done concerts in various foreign countries, and we’ve visited America several times. But when we formed the band, I vowed within my heart, “I want to go abroad with my comrades,” and so I was happy it came true. I am very thankful to the staff that made it possible. This is the first step, so from here I would like to make many strides forward! All the band members are ambitious.

7. Is there a song that you wish you could have produced?

Iruma: If Emily Autumn were to sing a song that I produced, it would be the best.
I love her voice and her fashion. If I had the chance, I would want to write with love to her!

8. If you could be an anime character, who would you like to be, and why?

Iruma:  I would want to be the protagonist of an anime called Simoun. It was made in 2006, but in that world there was no sex, and everyone is born as a girl. Two people in pair ride in a shell-like, wonderful vehicle and fight, but that vehicle won’t operate unless you kiss your partner.
I also want to kiss a fellow comrade. Lol



9. If you could be a part of any movie, which one and why?

Iruma: Of course, I would want to be a part of something Tim Burton made.
A fantasy or gothic movie would be good. Also, a painful romance is good. Originally, I wanted to be a movie composer, so film music is something that I have always wanted to attempt in my life. I think it is something that I would want to participate in if I had the chance.



10. Describe the other members as an ice cream flavor, and why did you choose that flavor?

Iruma: Nemuchev is chocolate mint flavor.
He has a sweet atmosphere, but he is able to make calm (wise?) decisions like mint.
Jill is maybe strawberry chocolate flavor. Sweet and sour like a girl, and violin tone color like bitter sweet chocolate.