1) Could you introduce yourself to our readers?
Il Du: Band Genius is three persons band. I think we play fast rock n roll. Sometimes slow.

Steve C: Hi Japako. We are the best band in the world that you don’t want to hear.

2) Why did you decide to call your band Genius? What is the story behind the name?
Il Du: Good question. Let’s think about it together. Really I wanna know that.

3) How did you meet each other? And how did you decide to form a band together?

Il Du: Casey could play drum a little. Steve could play guitar a little. I could play guitar a little.
Andy was back to home and Changwan had army service. It’s kind of God plans, if you can trust God. I wanna be fun.*

Steve C: One day in 2010, Casey asked me, “Can you play bass?” I said, “No.” One month later, we played our first show together. This is kind of the story of everything of we do.

4) What inspires you to compose and write music?
Il Du: I think Genius is not cover band. Also not copy cat. Not trendy, not bad. I never say we are good. So we are making songs for be fun be good be nice.

Steve C: Music sits nicely on the agony spectrum between a Lego truck and a novel, and doesn’t it feel good to make something besides money? Mostly though, in college, my friend Paul introduced me to three albums. He liked Squarepusher and Autechre. I liked DMX and No Limit Records. He met me in the middle: Radiohead, OK Computer; Elliott Smith, Either/Or; and Modest Mouse, The Moon and Antarctica. “”Holy shit,”” I realized. “”I have to learn guitar.””

5) Is there any artists you would like to collaborate with?

Steve C: Master P and Chikako Hata from Freenote.

6) If your life was made into a movie, what would you title it?

Il Du: ‘I’m Sorry. I Have No Idea.’

Steve C: Groundhog Day.

7) What does music mean to you?

Steve C: Music is what memory and math do to time.What does that mean? I just thought it sounded cool.

Lee Chung Mok: It means exercise.

8) If you would be an ice cream flavor, what would you be and why?

Steve C: This is a hard question so I asked my friend Andy. He said, ‘Green tea ice cream. An Oriental everyone generally accepts.’ …I think he’s secretly mad at me.

9) If you could perform in any other country outside of Korea, where would you like to perform the most?
Il Du: North Korea. Cause I’m Korean.

Steve C: India. Who plays in India?

Lee Chung Mok: Moldova. I want to visit friends.

10) Could you leave a message for our readers?
Il Du: Don’t be liar. It’s bad.

Steve C: Make em say Ugh. Nananana. Thank you for listening.

*(Andy and Changwan are former members)

Check out their music on their website: http://geniusxisxrock.bandcamp.com/