Q: Hello and thank you for granting us this interview. Could you please say hi to your european fans?

Whats up EU!! Sorry we haven’t been around, we miss being there so much. Hope you haven’t forgot how much we rock you guys lol.

Q: It has been almost a year since our last interview with LOKA. How have you been doing in these past months? What did you do?

Honestly I’d say it was very slow in the beginning since we took a long time working on our EVO:ERA album. Also I had my first American Movie “She’s just a shadow” filming and that took like 2 months away from LOKA. Though we did succeed for our tour with the band called INKT and our One-Man final at SHIBUYA O-WEST, we had a packed crowd, and it was our first time ever to do that big of a final so we are very proud of that.  After EVO:ERA album, we did a Halloween event with DIAWOLF then had to work on our SPLIT album with our friend band JAWEYE and do a 2 man tour. This tour was great! JAWEYE is an awesome band, not only that they also fired up our passion. You don’t find many bands like that so it was an honour to work with them. So 2016, I feel we mostly spent time in the studio, we did tour, but to be honest we kinda feel that it wasn’t enough.

Q: New year and new exciting news from the band. A new single and a soundtrack for PLAYSTATION 4. Can you tell us about these two releases? Do you think is different to work on a single release like “Sense of Crisis” than working on a video game soundtrack like “Let It Die – 20XX-”? 

I kinda see it very similar. Since both songs were written on a specific theme we were given. We originally wrote SENSE OF CRISIS for a SNOWBOARD event called PARK AIR held in Sapporo. The song is about “any second we can die, so make sure you prove that you lived”. I love X-SPORTS (Skate, Snowboard, MotorCross, Surf, etc.) which requires a lot of discipline and concentration because, one mistake and your life is at risk. I believe having “sense of crisis” will always keep you sharp in life, cause there is always something out there that can just mess you up. Stay sharp and we can avoid that. That’s how I wanna live, share and care. We are all walking towards death anyway, so why not prove each second that we are alive.

LET IT DIE-20XX- was actually the bonus CD single for our previous album “EVO:ERA”. At that time we were told the Gunho GAME LET IT DIE will be released, but it was actually released later in USA and EU only lol. Now the game will be released in Japan in February. So that is the reason we are releasing it as a single online. The song is mainly focused on the game so its not the original style for LOKA which can be interesting for our fans. It’s pure HARDCORE METAL lol. I wrote it while reading the game story. The word “let it die” just kinda sound too negative for me, so I wrote the lyrical theme to “don’t just let it die, fight it”. Thats what we all do right? There are many words and phrases linked to the game other than just “let it die”.  I listened to other bands but I think I’m the only one who really did that lol.

Q: The album cover for “Sense of crisis” is really a masterpiece. Who came out with the idea? How should fans interpret it? 

Yeah, it sure is a masterpiece, I think this one is the best we ever made. Our bass player MIRO and I came up with the idea of expressing an evolution. From our last album “EVO:ERA”, we went through many changes in the band, and within ourselves mentally. Right now we are finding the true form of LOKA like a skin moult, ready to become golden. So I had my friend create this human shredding its skin to gold. It may not directly match with the lyrics but I wanted people to feel how much commitment you need to be successful, thats the message of the song and cover design.

Q: January is also a month full of celebrations for the group, being that you, Kihiro and your bandmate, Miro, were both born in January. The day after Miro’s birthday, you also had your first show for 2017. Did you celebrate with your fans? 

We celebrated our birthdays just with the band. For the show, we had a great time and we were very excited to play cause we had PABLO a.k.a. WTF!? from Pay money To my Pain support as our guitarist. Our fans were very excited about that as well since me and PABLO have a history through our mutual friend K, singer of PTP. We also played PTP’s Paralyzed Ocean on the next show which the crowd just went off the hook lol. I guess sometimes, the memory is much bigger than what kind of songs we play. No other singer besides me would be able to do that with PABLO, which makes the show very special and gives the fans to relate with the band more. Moreover, it was great cause WE had the most fun lol.

Q: Last year we asked you who you want to be in 10 years. You told us you’d like to be “someone who we seek to be”. We know it has passed merely an year but, do you feel a little bit closer to that goal?

Yes. For some people it may not seem that way since we had SIN graduate from the band. Though the three of us feel that it’s all meant to be for the band to reach to the place where we seek to be. Our music creation is getting better and our stage performance is getting even better, kinda ironic but its true. Sometimes you need to make tough decisions to move on

Q: Since the year has just begun, what can we expect of this 2017 from Loka? 

We are ready to go to the EU again! The tour dates will be announced soon so please keep your eyes on our website, twitter and Facebook. We are also creating a new album right now. I just gotta say it’s gonna be the best album ever, we can just feel it coming. We may even have PABLO work with us again like with SENSE OF CRISIS, so guitar fans… heads up man.

Q: If you could collaborate with another band/artist for a special release, who would you want to work with and why?

Being a guitarist-less band makes somethings tough but it also gives us the opportunity to spread our musical art. We know so many great guitarist here it’s hard to choose lol. Right now, I’m focused with PABLO, like I said we go way back and it makes me very happy to work with him, it’s an honour. I want to create something with him that will make K jealous lol. But I’m sure K would wanna hear that too ;) Thats all I think of right now since I have a great drummer and bassist. I also have two other writing partners that are just awesome!! We are making demos together now but it’s a killer tune man! One guy shouldn’t ask too much lol. I’m very happy with the band situation now, and all we gotta do is JUST DO IT!

Q: Last year you told us you really want to come to Europe again. Any chances we will see you soon?

Heads up around September and October, my EU friends. It will happen, I promise, so we need you all to make some noise.

Q: Thank you once again for answering our questions. Can you please leave a final message to Japako’s readers?

We can’t wait to see you guys again, please visit our Facebook page and leave comments to keep in touch. We are making new events through the page that our fans can join. We want to get closer to you guys. Until then listen to our songs on soundcloud.com/loka-official and be ready to go crazy with us at the show!!

Interview questions by Martina

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