We had the chance to sit and have a nice chat with two incredible cosplayers at this year AKUMAKON, Lux and Shappy. Check out what we talked about in the interview below!

  1. Hello and thank you for giving us this interview. Could you please introduce yourselves to our readers?

L: I’m Lux from Austria. I’ve been a cosplayer since 2011 and i’m super excited to be here at Akumakon in Ireland.

S: My name is Shappy, i’m a cosplayer from Poland. This is my 8th year as a cosplayer. It’s also my first time here in Ireland so i’m really excited for this trip. Everything is great for me.

  1. How do you feel about being invited to Akumakon?

L: It’s pretty, pretty cool because normally I always, like, watch the other cosplay guest and I was so excited to meet them. Now I’m one of them so I’m super excited to be here and all the people we met are so nice to us when they visit our booth. We are happy.

S: I kinda go often to events but this convention is smaller and is full of social life. They are very sociable. We meet poeple and we have time to talk with them and we not just run around the convention. It’s really cool to have this weekend to chill with them and have some fun.

  1. Do you enjoy Ireland? Did you taste anything like the beer or the food?

L/S: we totally do! For sure.

L: Galway is such a beautiful city. It’s not too big, not too small.

S: Just right!

L: we drank some apple cider yesterday (S: it was so delicious)…yes it was! But beer is still on the list

S: we still haven’t taste any Irish food but tonight we are going to dinner so we will sure ask for something typical!

  1. Can you tell us about your cosplay for the event?

S: Today I’m cosplaying Xeras from “The Witcher 3”. It’s a costume close to my heart because Witcher it’s a game from Poland. I’m very excited to cosplay a character from my country. I was also asked by the developer of this game to cosplay this character specifically.

L: I’m Ruby from “Ruby”. I really enjoy the show and I like all the characters buy Ruby is basically my favorite one and it’s also a super comfortable costume. Also, red is also my favorite color, so it’s perfect.

  1. What is the best cosplay you ever did? Your favorite one.

L: Oh, that’s a hard questions! How are we supposed to judge our own costumes? Ahah My favorite one, the one i’m most proud of is Saber from “Fate Stay Night” because it has the dress and the armor. So yeah, i’m really proud of that costume.

S: gosh, mine…I have so many favorite costumes of mine, they are my babies. Probably the one I like the most is Brunhilde from the Japanese game “Zangeki no Reginleiv”. It really took my heart and I really like the character. I’ve also wore it for a very important cosplay contest. I won that one so it’s really important for me.

  1. Is there any cosplay you would really like to do. The ultimate cosplay.

L/S: this is such a hard question.

S: because there are such a lot of characters and when you have to decide there are always new one coming in…

L: i would love to do more Mercy from Overwatch. She has so many good costumes i can try.

S: I would like to do more Faith cosplay because i love the combination of beautiful dresses parts and armor parts.

  1. What is the best part of doing cosplays?

L: I think it’s meeting so many new friends. Not only national

S: cosplay takes out all those barriers you have when you meet someone in your regular clothes. But when you meet someone who’s also in cosplay…

L: Yeah, you are just like “Oh my God i know your character, i love your costume”!

S: Yeah, it’s amazing in order to meet new friends, especially if you are shy.

  1. If you could be an anime character, which one would you be?

L/S: oh my, this is so hard!

S: My favorite character from an anime is actually Taiga from Toradora, so i think i would love to be her because she’s so spoiled *laugh*

L: pressure…*everyone laughs* I really like Ruby so it’s not actually an anime but a cartoon. I also love Savior, but i don’t think i’d like to be her because she’s always so serious…I’ll go with Ruby because she’s more cheerful and happy.

  1. What are the cons and pros of being a cosplayer.

S: I think we already said one pros which is the social part and it also develop your skills in make up, stylisys, armor craft. It’s really helpful.

L: it also help yourself when you finish the costume and you say “wow, i really did this”. Also, when they take pictures of your costumes and so on.

S: the cons…it can be really stressfull. You have to mee the deadlines and…

L: the cost. I don’t think people know how much money goes into one cosplay.

  1. Do you have any advice for aspiring cosplayers?

L: people always ask me this but it’s so difficult to give a general advice to someoen because it all depends on which costume you decide to do. I think just don’t give up, if something goes wrong just try again.

S: don’t take it too serious.

L: yeah, just ask to some other cosplayers, search the internet.

S: i think the cosplayer community could be really helpful in this, especially the fandom.