1) Where do you see yourself, as a person and an artist, in the next 5 years?

I will always do new things, which will surprise the people around me and also attract new people. So I will create new things right from the stretch and when I succeed I will build up new ideas and of course gain more self-confidence and receive inspiration so I can do new things again and again. So I cannot exactly tell, what I will be doing in the next 5 years. But for sure, I will let you enjoy new music and new art.

2) Is there an overseas artist you would like to collaborate with and why?

There are many artists I’d like to work with, so it’s hard to decide. If it would be possible, I’d love to cooperate with the Beatles, especially with John Lennon cause he was the reason why I started getting in touch with music and building my future with it.

3) How would you describe your show/performance visually and musically?

About the looks, it’s hard to explain because I always want to change my looks and I’m searching for new things each day. So it will always be changing. But about the performance, the feelings will reach you and your feelings will reach me. So I think hard about ways to make that possible in whatever I do. During a live I want to see you enjoy my performance so I will give you everything from me and sing my soul out for you.

4) How is it going with your EU tour so far? Any anecdotes to share?

The tour is going well and I enjoy being back here. But yes, funny things happen each day when being with Syu. Actually the other day, he locked himself out of his hotel room while he was brushing his teeth – just wearing his pants. He went out to call out to another member and… well, the door closed. And he was sitting outside waiting for some staff to help him get in again. (laughs)

5) What does music mean to you?

Art and jewelry are interesting and it’s fun to make them, but without music, without being able to sing or share my voice and songs with you… I think I wouldn’t be able to live.
When I’m standing on stage, singing out loud my songs – I feel alive. It’s the moment I really enjoy being alive.

6) What are your future plans?

When the tour is over, I will go back on recoding the new songs for a mini-album which is hopefully released in December – if things work well.
And for my artistic works, I will create new paintings and I want to enter a contest with it. I will give it my best of course too.

7) Which one of your songs represents you the most (as an artist)?

Out of all my (G.L.A.M.S) songs it’s „The Other Side of the Moon“. It was the first song, which I made for G.L.A.M.S and I did all of it myself. The melody, the arranging and of course the lyrics. This song is Mikaru.

8) If you would be stuck in a movie or anime, which one would it be and why?

It’d like to be part of One Piece and be one of the last strong friends helping Ruffy to win and become the King of Pirates. But to be honest, I’d like to with this journey myself and become the king myself! (laughs)

9) Could you give a message to your European fans?

Thank you for reading my words and following me till now. I will show you a lot of interesting things and I am living to create new unbelievable amazing works for you. I won’t lose to anyone, so follow me and let’s live together to make our dreams come true.
Maybe it might be hard sometimes and it might look as we will lose our way or get lost somewhere, but please stay with me and find back to aim straight for you goals.
I love you all! Thank you!