1. If you have the time while being on tour in Europe, is there a place you would like to visit in particular?

I had experience traveling alone to Paris, London and Italy, they all very beautiful, if I have time I want to go Spain, Turkey,…so many!! I want to visit the all the countries in Europe.

2. You seem to have an interest in fashion, what (fashion) style has your preference?

Yes I do like fashion, I like comfortable style. I like stylish but not luxurious.

3. Singer, dancer, DJ, MC, actor, model. Which one has your preference?

I prefer them all, nothing is different between singer and actor to me. and I like to being a model, DJ, MC…they are all interesting.

4. Can you tell us who is Romeo? 

ROMEO is the alter-ego of Park Jung Min. Clearly seems to be another face different to Park Jung Min.

5. What attracts you most in songs? The rhythm or the lyrics?

It’s seems that I’m more attracted by lyrics, want to know more what the expression of the song. Of course I do listen to the melody too.

6. What can we wish you for 2014?

I have my first European tour in 2014, really exciting. I think this is great start for 2014. come to the concert is the best wish for me.

7. We know that you’re very well in languages, if you would have the time to learn another language, which would it be?

I want to learn Spanish, and every time I heard people speak English, looks very cool, so I want learn English as well. Please teach me.

8. After your Japanese (love song in august) & Taiwanese (fondant garden) dramas… what role would Park Jung Min want to try next?

A while ago, I was playing a poor young man in a musical, who acts strongly in front of his family, but shy to love. I want to play totally differently next time, maybe a character exactly like ROMEO.

9. Are you planning on releasing a FULL album in 2014?

I have released a drama OST recently. And have plans for both Park Jung Min and ROMEO this coming April in Japan. Then back to Korea to prepare a new album for Park Jung Min? Maybe ROMEO?

10. What is your favorite SS501 Song, which you would like to perform as a solo artist?

I like them all, but the favorite are LOVE YA and One day, they are truly good songs.

11. Are there any other fields besides drama, music, musical and fashion you wish to explore in your life?

There are a lot of fields I would like to explore, but focus on my music and acting activities is my first priority.

12. Being a musician, what are the hardships and positive aspects for you?

There is no hard time in my musician career, I never had this thought. And being a musician, I could able to perform which I dreamed about since I was little. And there are a lot fans supporting me around the world, it’s appreciated.

13. Did you always want to become a singer? What was your motivation to become a singer?

I was wanted to become an actor at  first, but the agency recruited me as a singer. Then I had the thought, singing is not that different of acting, when you’re on stage, your performance is like acting too, right? So I changed my mind at that moment, decided to pursue singing as my career.

14. We also have a lot of readers from America and we received following question:
Is there any country in America in particular which you would like to perform? Lots of love from Brazil

I would like to go everywhere, where fans are supporting me. I really wish I could have opportunity to be in America soon.