Could you present yourself for our readers?

I’m originally the vocalist of I-ai- but decided to launch a solo career as well.

Vocalist I-ai- Project (V.I.P) is me, Hiroaki, who wants to try out new possibilities.

Could you tell us more about the project V.I.P

The music exceeds genres and borders and through this project I attempt to merge many cultures all over the world.

I want to make a world where everyone loves one another more and more.

Could you tell us more about your single “We are one/Soma”?

“WE ARE ONE” is a song that belongs in the modern era. For me as a vocalist of a rock band a song like this was very challenging.

To an extent it’s a song that’s familiar to many people and is somewhat trend-coconscious.

The theme is that “Everyone’s  hearts become one”.

I made SOMA because I wanted to do music that was similar to a movie.

The original reading is Greek and Japanese, but I think also want to do an English translation.

The image of the song is something that gently wraps the soul of people.

The single is released on iTunes on August 11th.

What inspires you the most to write and compose music?

I gain inspiration from personal experiences and from the many people I’ve met.  The feeling of “I want to write a song for this person” makes me do so.

Finish the sentence “For me music is…”

For me music is a diary of the future, past and present.

You already did an European tour with I-ai-, but would you like to do one as V.I.P?

Of course.

However, unless there’s a new image you can’t run it.

Rather than a tour I want to travel the V.I.P ^^

Do you have a favorite Japanese idiom? If so, which one would it be and what does it mean to you?

„我々は何度も巡り合う魂”  (trans. Our souls will meet often.)

For me it means reincarnation.

If we were to visit Japan, what would you advise us to visit and/or to try?

By all means, please visit the Iwate Prefecture, it’s where I grew up.

Everyone there are so friendly ^^

Is there any artist you admire and with you would like to collaborate?

I want to make one of my own songs together with an orchestra.

Second to that, I want to help anyone with a great talent.

Could you please leave a message to your European fans?

I’ll visit Sweden for about 2 weeks in August so please come by and play.

And thank you for always showing me lots of love.

I love you no matter what.