Recently, Japako Music had the opportunity to attend KPOP-alypse KON, the first Korean music and culture convention held in Philadelphia.  There, we were able to sit down with Mister Popo and conduct an interview, with the girls of JBKpop kindly filming and adding their own brand of fun to the interview.

In addition to his increasing fan base, he has started up his own Entertainment company called Godlike Entertainment, following his now famous quote: “Nobody Can be God but Everybody Has The Potential To Be Godlike.”

You can learn more about him and keep up-to-date on his happenings (including the upcoming debut of a rookie artist under Godlike Entertainment) at his social media accounts below:

YouTube Channel (MisterPopoTV)

YouTube Channel (Team Godlike)

Twitter Account

Facebook Page (MisterPopoTV)

Facebook Page (Godlike Entertainment)

Instagram Account

Google+ Page

The girls of JBKpop (Jenn, Brittini, and Kelli) are three fun, hilarious, and talented girls, who met one fateful day in July 2014 at the Block B showcase in Washington DC, and became good friends through their love of K-pop. Soon, they created a YouTube channel to share their combined love of K-pop through MV reaction videos, covers, and more.

If you want to learn more about these three young ladies, you can follow them at their social media pages below:

YouTube Channel

Google+ Page

Twitter Account