Astrid Gomez (from Mexico): What is the most memorable moment you’ve had so far as a group? What is the most beautiful moment you’ve had with fans?

San Cheong: Even just being able to stand together right now, all five of us, on the same stage and to be pursuing the same dreams already makes a lot of memories~

Simba: The time we spend meeting our KEY makes us happy every day.

Eddy: I would love to create a lot of opportunities to meet them a little more closely~

Misa Grell Michaelis: If you hadn’t become idols, which profession would you have? Many greetings from Germany

Simba: I would probably work as a model~ And as I like driving a lot, I would probably challenge myself to become a car racer, too~

E. co: Since I am a College of engineering graduate, I would probably have worked for a normal major company, right? ^^

Eddy: I would be an actor~ An exceptional action actor just like da ge~

Prince Mak: I would take a job that still deals with music~

San Cheong: Since I’m a theater and cinema major, after all, I think I would have become an actor too ^^

Weronika Ciarka (from Poland) : What is the strangest or funniest gift that you have ever got?

San Cheong: I once got a pack of soju from a fan… It was a funny gift and it left me quite an impression.

Eddy: I like every present I have received~ The most memorable gifts are the drawings and letters that the fans have diligently written while thinking of us.

Simba: I feel grateful for any present and I appreciate them all, but among all the gifts we have received, if I had to pick one that was really memorable, I would pick the fly swatter I received, for the impression it left on me.

E. co: Jelly is my favorite kind of snack, and once, I received a pack of jellies so enormous that I still haven’t finished all of it yet ^^

Jean Chen: If you were a girl, which member would you choose to be your boyfriend, and why?

Simba: Prince-hyung~ He is always warm and well-mannered towards women, and he treats them very well.

Prince Mak: Simba~ Because he is manly and exercises a lot.

E. co: … I’d rather be born as a girl, too!

San Cheong: Sorry, but… hmm… None of them. ^^

Teo Teodora: Why did you guys want to become singers? Who motivated you to become singers? Hugs and love from your Romanian fans!

Simba: I like being a singer because I can talk of my own self to a lot of people. When I dreamt of becoming a model, my family asked me to think about it once more, but when I changed directions to become a singer, no one opposed my decision.

E. co: I tried working as a model and acting, but it is when I’m doing music that I am the happiest. It makes me feel truly alive, and I think that’s what makes me want to be a singer.