1) How do you feel about this world tour?

I’m very glad that I could organize this tour, because I can sing songs that I’ve always wanted to sing in front of everyone out there in this world.

2) What are your plans after this world tour?

I can’t say my plans out loud yet, but I promise that the future will be great [for myself and my fans].

3) After 20 years in the industry, you have a lot of experience; what would your advice be to upcoming young artists?

The most important thing is to always keep faith in your own beliefs.

4) What is the most memorable moment you had with your fans in those 20 years? 

The experiences with so many fantastic band members.

5) What is the achievement you are most proud of?

That I am able to produce such great songs.

6) If you could sing one last song on earth, which one would you choose and why?

Symphony of the Vampire, because I think it is my best work so far.

7) Is there anything you like in Europe or the US which you cannot find in Japan?

Yes, the strong reaction of the European fans. I wish Japanese fans would also get excited more.

8) If we were to visit Japan, where would you advise us to visit and / or to try?

I recommend you try Kansai style eel fillets cooked over charcoal with soy flavored sauce.

9) What do you think is your spirit animal?

A rat.

10) Finish the sentence “For me, music is…”

For me, music is my blood to live.