Jamie: Among Korean rappers, who is your favorite?

Hyosung: My seniors ‘Untouchable’ are my favorite rappers. Actually I don’t listen to music by genre or artist, but I didn’t know a lot about hip hop and rap before. But while working together with Untouchable, I started listening to good music and got influenced a lot. Especially Untouchable’s song does not have pretty and fancy lyrics but honest and sincere ones, which is why I can relate to those better.

Jieun: I really like Epik High sunbaenims who recently came out with a new album. The melody itself is great, but even by just listening to the lyrics, it feels like a beautifully written poem. I often wonder, “How is it possible to write such lyrics?” I especially love all the songs in their latest album, so I listen to it a lot these days.

Hana: There are a lot of talented rappers in the Korean hip hop scene. Hip-hop is taking roots in Korea, thanks to all the efforts by its artists. Among them I like Dynamic Duo’s Gaeko and Epik High’s Tablo the most. Their lyrics are the best!

Sunhwa: I enjoy listening to Dynamic Duo’s music. To be honest, I don’t know a lot about hiphop, but everytime they release a new album, they are highly anticipated. It’s probably not just me who feels this way; many other people can empathize too right? I think the true merit and inner strength of the music is already revealed because it’s not just the people who know hip hop, but even people who don’t know hip hop can enjoy the music instead of being allergic to it, and finding it difficult to listen to.

Racha Hajlaoui: What do you fear the most? How do you deal with it?

Hyosung: Since I was young I thought ghosts are the scariest. I don’t have a special reason, but I hate it so much, that I don’t even want to think about or see them. However I took the role of the ghost Han Nayoung in my first Drama ‘Cheoyong, the detective who can see ghost’. While studying for my role, I saw the first horror movie in my life. Of course I am still scared of ghosts, but I accomplished the mission of watching my first horror movie, Ha Ha!

Jieun: There was a time during my last solo promotion when I caught a very bad flu, but because I had a performance scheduled, I didn’t have a choice but to go to the hospital to get an IV. To be honest, I am extremely afraid of needles, but I thought to myself, “I need to stand on stage. I need to showcase a good performance.” Because of that responsibility, I was able to overcome my fears and receive the IV treatment. The importance of the audience and the fans became the reason for me to overcome my fears.

Hana: I am afraid of mice and cats. Actually I haven’t found a way to overcome my fear yet; I just avoid them. If you know a way to overcome this fear, please let me know!

Sunhwa: For me in particular, I’m really afraid of horror movies. It’s even worse nowadays especially since the movies are so realistic. To be honest, that’s why I still don’t watch horror movies. Although I couldn’t overcome it, I’ve found my own way to deal with it. Haha!

Yin Hong Li: If you can teleport in 1 minute, where do you want to go the most?

Hyosung: Rather than one country, I want to go around the world. Isn’t it more fun, if we do a Secret World Tour? Since I don’t have to take the plane, I can go anywhere for Global Secret Times, who cannot watch Secret’s performances directly. Even just thinking about it makes my heart beat. ^^

Jieun: If I had the ability to teleport, I would want to go to London, England. I think the vintage and elegant feel that the city resonates with is very beautiful. I wish I could tour all of London and enjoy its charms in that day and then go, POP! and return back to Seoul.

Hana: Without specifying a place, like Asia, America, Europe, Africa, and so on, I would like to travel to as many places as possible. In reality it’s difficult to travel around the whole world, so I always imagine something like that. If I could teleport in 1 minute I would probably go to every country on every continent.

Sunhwa: I want to go to my hometown, Busan. To me, Busan is a very special place that means more to me than just my hometown. Even though it’s a place I think of when times get tough and tiring, it’s also a place that comes to my mind when I’ve found accomplishment and success. It seems to give me happiness and a peace of mind because of the childhood memories that I have from there and the familiarity of the landscape and scenery. If I could visit Busan, it would be an opportunity for me to think about the path that I’ve walked until now, and the path I still need to walk in the future in order to grow and develop as I gaze at the harmonization between the places where I’ve carved my memories and the newly changed places.

 Aya Haouas: If you are a shining star in the sky, where do you want to shine on?

Hyosung: I will probably shine on my family’s house. Since I can’t be with my family all the time, I worry about them. Because of my busy schedule I cannot visit or call them often, but I just want to tell my family that I am always thinking of them and missing them with my shining light.

Jieun: Instead of shining on a specific spot, I want to be like the Big Dipper and become a star that can guide people. Instead of being a star for one individual, I want to be a star that can help and give warmth to all people.^^

Hana: Rather than a star I want to become a moon. Not sparkling, but shining on all of darkness in the world hazily. I want to be the moonlight that soaks every corner the streetlights don’t reach and shine everywhere in the world, make it warm and snuggly.

Sunhwa: If I were a star, I would like to be the only star in a place that no one can see. If I were to shine and light up a place where nobody could see, I would become an entity that would definitely be useful and helpful.

Erika Villeneuve: If you can collaborate with another idol group, who would you collaborate with?

Hyosung: I think there are so many talented and individual idol groups these days. So I think whoever we collaborate with we can influence and impact each other. But if I have to choose, I would choose my family B.A.P., who we spend a lot of time together with. Since we have known each other for a long time, we know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and get along well on a musical level, so I could look forward to our synergy.

Jieun: I want to collaborate with the lovely sibling artists, Akdong Musician. I am personally a huge fan. I find their innocently written, wonderful lyrics and their pure voices that sing those lyrics to be very charming.

Hana: I’m a big fan of  Big Bang’s Taeyang. I cannot take my attention away from his smooth voice and his soulful performances. If I can collaborate with him, I can also show you another side of myself.

Sunhwa: In the past, I’ve released a digital single with YeongJae from B.A.P. Contrary to what I expected, there were a lot more people who said that it was a good song. No matter what, because we are one family, there are many things in which we have a mutual understanding on, and I think our overall mood also matched quite well. Therefore, if I were to collaborate with a different team once again, I think it would be good to have a collaboration between Secret and the friends from B.A.P. Because we are working together as TS Family where we are clear with one another, I think there would be an even larger synergy and effect.