Racha Hajlaoui: Which song they like to performe the most on stage? and why?!

P-GOON: “Arario.” Because the song itself is upbeat, we always had a fun time performing it.

JENISSI: “Arario.” There was a choreography where I pretended to sit on a sedan chair, so I liked it.

GOHN: “Cigarette” and “I Know.”

HOJOON: “Say It.” Without reason, when we were promoting it, we always had fun.

KIDOH: “Say It.” There was a parts where I could showcase my rap.

SANGDO: “Say It” and “Annie.” Because “Say It” was our debut song, we were able to promote it happily, and we are joyfully promoting “Annie,” a song especially for our supportive fans for our first anniversary.

NAKTA: “Annie.” We were able to promote in an upbeat environment!

HANSOL: “Annie.” For me personally, “Annie” was the most fun to promote!  We’ve shown a lot of different concepts and a lot of different characters, but because “Annie” takes on from the 80’s-90’s retro feel for our first anniversary, our fans and us both were able to enjoy it a lot.

B-JOO: “Annie.” All of our songs were fun to promote, but if I really had to pick one then…”Annie!”

XERO: “Say It.” It was our debut song, so it was extra nerve-wracking and promoting in and of itself was all new, but the more we promoted, the more fun it was.

A-TOM: “Annie.” We gained more fans who are supporting us, and thanks to them, we were able to be more confident.

YANO: “Annie.” I liked it because we were able to show off comical expressions on stage!

Anika Thomas: What was your first impression of each other?

P-GOON: I believed that they would all have great talents, and I was right haha

JENISSI: I thought B-Joo was cute, and Yano was respectful.

GOHN: They all left powerful impressions on me because their individual music identities are very strong.

HOJOON: It wasn’t good or bad.

KIDOH: Because all of us are very shy, at first, everyone was really boring

SANGDO: I liked them, they were cool, and they were friendly.

NAKTA: They were weird. I thought a bunch of unusual people were grouped together.

HANSOL: At first, I thought Yano was the most serious person in the entire universe, and I thought Kidoh was the most handsome person in the entire world.  I also thought Nakta was the world’s coldest person^^ haha

B-JOO: I thought everyone looked like they were going to be extremely good at hip hop.

XERO: I was dumbfounded at first because of the number of members, but everyone had their own strong, unique color, so they were all charming.

A-TOM: They all looked nice and had good personalities.

YANO: Overall, they were scary…

Leni Ha: Why did you want to be a kpop idol? So what’s the reason?

P-GOON: I was inspired to be a singer after watching a variety of different music shows. As I was preparing to be a singer, I was inspired further by Big Bang, Jay Park, Chris Brown, and Omarion.

JENISSI: I never actually wanted to be an idol singer. I just thoroughly enjoyed music and being on stage.

GOHN: I wanted to share my music with a lot of people.

HOJOON: I watched many sunbae-nims stages, and that’s when I knew that I wanted to make music and receive support from many people.

KIDOH: I wanted more people to hear my music.

SANGDO: I believed it was the way that my music would be heard by a lot of people.

HANSOL: I didn’t start off wanting to be an idol singer. I just enjoyed singing and dancing for people. “Idol” stands for someone that people look up to,  and just as I have people that I was inspired by, I hope that through my music and dance, I can help many people find their dreams.

B-JOO: I’ve always dreamed of it since I was a little kid, and always thought, “I want to stand on a stage like that” while watching the sunbae-nims performances.

XERO: It made me happy to be able to stand on stage in front of many people.

A-TOM: I believed in myself that I could do well and always held on to it as my dream.

YANO: After watching Big Bang on TV, I began dreaming of being a singer.

Thirsa Lange: Which promotion did you personally enjoy the most?

P-GOON: “Say It” and “Open the Door.” It was powerful and had a boyish image that I really liked.

JENISSI: There isn’t one yet.

GOHN: “Cigarette.” I think our members were coolest in this concept.

HOJOON: “Say It.” It had the most charisma and was the closest to hip hop.

KIDOH: “Say It.” I liked it because it was the closest to the hip hop feel.

SANGDO: “Arario.” I liked this the best because we were able to successfully blend Korea’s beauty and hip hop.

NAKTA: “Say It.” I think the choreography and the members’ personalities matched well.

HANSOL: “TOPDOG.” It was the concept that we worked hardest on, and personally, it’s a style that I’m the best at^^

B-JOO: “TOPDOG.” I think it’s a concept that not everyone can successfully showcase.

XERO: “TOPDOG.” The outfits and the choreography were both very powerful.

A-TOM: “Open the Door.” There weren’t any props, but I think it was the closest song to the idol image!

YANO: “Annie.” The retro concept that I had always only heard about was very exciting.

Karolina Ciszewska: If you had a chance to be a superhero for one day, what superpower would you like to have?

P-GOON: I want to be able to teleport and travel around the world to perform.

JENISSI: I want to be able to fly to not only our Korean fans, but our fans all over the world.

GOHN: I want the power to have everyone fall in love with my music. I’d say, it’s kind of musical talent?^^

HOJOON: I want to have the power to be intelligent and capable in any area, especially the ability to be competent in all musical areas haha

KIDOH: I want to have the power of teleportation, so that I can meet all the rappers of the world.

SANGDO: If I could fly, I would want to fly very far and meet all the artists that I admire.

NAKTA: I want to have the ability to clone myself so that I can meet and give back to our many fans!

HANSOL: I want to be able to read someone’s heart by looking at their eyes haha I want to sing them a song that fits their mood right on the spot after I learn how they are feeling!^^

B-JOO: I want to have super speed. I want to be able to move about quickly on stage and take on all the different roles.

XERO: I want forever be the guardian of justice for our fans who love us.  ToppKlass’ very own Batman!!

A-TOM: Just like the cartoon character Atom (Astro Boy), I want to be able to rid the world of the bad people. Atom is small, but he’s reliable^^

YANO: For ToppDogg whose transportation takes a long time, I want to have the power of teleportation.