This interview was made during our Photoshoot with VIXX. The questions come from you; the fans, so here you can enjoy the answers of Ravi, Hongbin and Leo.

If tomorrow were the end of the world, what is the last thing you would like to do? Either for yourself, family or fans?

Ravi: I would like to be with the people I love. Maybe I could try to save the world or prevent the end of the world (laugh).

Hongbin: I want to be with my family and enjoy an ordinary life

Leo: I also want to spend the time with my family.

Which one of your choreography moves do you like the most?

Hongbin: The introductory part of Voodoo Doll, where we are throwing Ken.

Ravi: In the song On and On, in the first verse, when Hongbin is stabbing Leo with his hand.

Leo: It’s also On and On when Ravi is standing up with his arms crossed in the introductory part.

If you could be able to change your body with another member for a day, who would you like to be and why?

Hongbin: I like my own body but if I really had to, I would exchange with Ken because of his voice. I would like to know how it feels to sing with Ken’s voice.

Ravi: I think the same as Hongbin.

Leo: I would rather stay myself.

Which character from Harry Potter would you be if you could choose one role and why?

Ravi: Hermione is very pretty but I don’t want to be any specific character. Though, I would like to have a magic wand.

Leo: I don’t want to be any specific character either, but I would like to have that kind of magic power.

Hongbin: I think that Harry Potter’s world is kind of scary, so I would rather not go into that world.