Title: Lovely Complex

Release date: 2006

Director: Kitaji Ishikawa

Writers: Aya Nakahara (manga), Osamu Suzuki


Koizumi and Otani are both the opposite in sizes but they both made a vow to never date anymore someone who has an unadequate size for them. While Koizumi is very tall, she is desperatly searching to date a guy who is taller than her. And Otani is very short, therefore, he is trying to date someone smaller than him. While those two doesn’t get along, they finally find out their similar interest and become very good friend. But as they get along very well more and more, feelings are starting to grow and go against their own vows.


I hear often that live action movie are not so great compared to the anime. But here, I must say, the live action of Lovely complex is really funny. It is more compact than the anime, but it goes straight to the point. There are some really funny moments which will unmistakebly make you laugh. Because the story was more straightforward, I actually enjoyed more the movie than the anime. The actors were really good, they were especially good at making funny faces. The actress playing …. is really pretty and has a lot of charisma. The actor playing … is quite handsome and very funny, his acting was really good. So I definitely advise you to watch this movie just because it’s fun !


Risa Koizumi (Ema Fujisawa):  The female main character of the movie is very tall compared to other japanese girl. But while she feels some kind of complex, she just lives without thinking about too much. She is very lively and fun to be around. Though when it comes to get a boyfriend, she does have a hard time and tend to feel lonely sometimes.

Atsushi Otani (Teppei Koike): He is the male main character but on the contrary of Koizumi, he is very short compared to the other guys. Therefore, he also has difficulties to find a girl who would date him due to his size. He is very much like Koizumi, always lively and fun. But with his complex he refuses to date any girl who are taller than him. He decided to play basketball to show the world that sizes doesn’t matter, though the one he really needs to convince is himself.

Nobuko Ishihara (Nami Tamaki): She is one of the best friend of Koizumi. She is very supportive towards her friends and very loyal. She has the biggest knowledge in love relationships compared to the others. She can be quite pushy but always in the best interest of her friends.

Chiharu Tanaka (Risa Kudo): She is the other best friend of Koizumi, but she is more shy and reserved. She doesn’t talk much and while supportive towards her friend. She is more staying in the background. But she will sure be there for a friend when they need her.

Heikichi Nakao (Yusuke Yamazaki): He is the boyfriend of Nobu. They are the perfect couple for their friends, cause they really show their feelings for each others. Nobu is also a good friend of Otani. Though he is quite the passive type, he does help Nobu in her mission to get Koizumi and Otani together.

Ryoji Suzuki (Hiro Mizushima): He is the love interest of Chiharu, we don’t really get to know if they end up together, but they surely show interest for each other. He is very much in the background, he is the pervert who is clueless about what is happening around him.