VAV dropped their first mini album “Under the Moonlight” on November 1st 2015, marking their debut in the Korean music scene. The mini-album consists of four tracks altogether.

Under the Moonlight: This song started off with an eery and interesting melodic riff. The vocals also carried on with this eery tone, albeit you can tell that these boys are rookies in this track! I loved the rap line, and I couldn’t get enough of listening to it!

Goodbye: “Goodbye” is my favourite track from this mini-album. Overall the members seemed better suited to this kind of light acoustic and r&b-esque track. Speaking honestly, my favourite thing about this track was the back track itself, it was very relaxing to listen to. Again, I was impressed with the quality of the rap line, they held the song together.

Long Journey: “Long Journey” is a more upbeat and fast-paced track than the previous two tracks. The chorus was my favourite part, however I found it to be a little bit repetitive at times! It’s a fun track nonetheless and I like how upbeat it is.

Under the Moonlight(instrumental): To be honest, I prefer this version of the track as it is fun to listen to and it reminds me of a horror movie!

For a debut mini-album, the VAV boys seemed to do their best and showed that they have a lot of potential to produce stellar tracks in the future. I give this mini-album a 4/5 rating!


Review written by Isabelle

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VAV – Under the Moonlight

Artist :
Title : VAV - Under the Moonlight
Release Date : November 2, 2015
Label :
Format : CD