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It’s here, the long awaited release of ZE:A’s new album “First Homme” has arrived. The album includes 6 songs, one being an intro song while another is an instrumental of the title track “Breathe”.

An inviting first track, “First Homme” breaks the seal into the album. The intro starts of with a nice acoustic guitar that escalates. Also, some narration is given while the song is building up. Unfortunately the track isn’t 3 or 4 minutes long. Though it transitions nicely over to the next track.

Picking up the beat from the intro track, “Go Wrong” is an addicting song! The guitar matches well with the beat of song. “Go Wrong” has a really cool rock and electric piano melody. The background vocals give the chorus a more profound sense. While the sound may feel sad, it contains a certain charm that makes it compelling to listen to.

“Breathe” is a moving track with an impressive piano and rock elements. The vocals on this song are fantastic! However, the lyrics are a bit sad because the members sing of a person who they can no longer see or hold anymore. Though “Breathe” still makes you want to sing-along and dance with the members.

The intoxicating sound of the fourth song “Stagger” has a nice R&B melody. Along with a moving beat that makes you want to sway and clap your hands. The breakdown includes a good combination of jazz and rap! Their voices are tempting as they sing every line. The members are likely to sweep any listener off their feet with this romantic tune.

Last but not least, “One” carries a sincerely sunny mood. This ballad and it’s mid-tempo has a warm kind of feeling, which shows ZE:A has a hopeful side to themselves. The addition of the rapping with the harmony is beautifully done. “One” is gentle and soft at some points which makes it a really nice track.

The ZE:A members have an appeal to them and it can be heard through their music not just in appearance. “First Homme” contains songs that many people will find really good! Each track is a little different than the last. While some are touching others are bright and joyful. If you haven’t listened to the album yet, wait no more and start now!



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ZE:A – First Homme

Artist :
Title : ZE:A - First Homme
Release Date : June 2, 2014
Label :
Format : CD