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NCT is having a ‘Boss’ Comback!

NCT has started their comeback by introducing their new and old members in the rawest way possible. This is the best way for...

Jang HanByul to have a Comback!

Jang HanByul posted on instagram a teaser photo for his next comeback. This is the first comeback for the former LEDapple member since...

VAV say you’re ‘Gorgeous’ In new MV

VAV had a comeback early this year with ‘Spotlight’ but they didn’t just put Vampz in the ‘Spotlight’, they also tell them how...

N.Tic is Gearing Up for Debut with Teaser Images!

N.Tic is a rookie group with four members: Jion, Sangwook, Seung Hoo, and Jin Seo. They are preparing for their debut album ‘Once...

BTS are Releasing their 3rd Japanese Album!

Army get ready for the Japanese versions of your favorite BTS songs. BTS is releasing their Third Japanese album ‘Face Yourself’. The Album...

Park Bo Ram says She ‘Will Be Fine’ in Heartrending MV.

Park Bo Ram had her first comeback in 7 months with ‘Will Be Fine’. It is also her first comeback since news of...

Morning Musume celebrate their 20th anniversary with a new mini album!

Morning Musume released a mini album “Hatachi no Morning Musume” to celebrate their 20th anniversary on February 7th. The album contains 8 songs...

100% drop PV for “Song for you”!

100% have made their Japanese return! The music video for “Song for you” was unveiled on the 4th of February, with the full...

Kang Hodong to debut as a singer through SM STATION!

SM have unveiled the next artist lineup for their ‘SM STATION‘ project! This time, comedian Kang Hodong and renowned trot singer Hong Jinyoung...


Jonghyun (SHINee) – Shinin


VAV – Under the Moonlight

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